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ADHD Counseling in Hingham

I specialize in working with adult ADHD and received my initial training in this area at the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program. In my work as a staff psychologist at Harvard’s Academic and Personal Development Center, the Bureau of Study Counsel, I work with undergraduate and graduate students to develop cognitive and behavioral strategies to manage the aspects of ADHD impacting their academic and personal lives. I also started an ADD/ADHD group for students looking for a supportive space to talk with other students about their experiences with ADHD and to learn coping strategies to better manage the difficulties associated therein.

In my experience, questions such as, "What does ADHD mean for me?", "How can I embrace the strengths associated with ADHD and minimize the limitations?" and, "How can I best be an advocate for myself at school, work, and with my family and friends?" are common and important to explore in counseling.

I also focus on helping clients build strategies for organization, planning, reducing distractibility, managing procrastination and creating more adaptive thinking to replace the negative messages often associated with ADHD-moments.

To learn more, please contact me to set up an initial appointment. Together we can explore your experience with ADHD and help you learn how to manage the limitations often associated with attention regulation concerns in order to embrace your individual strengths.





Jennifer Page Hughes, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
(857) 488-9565

210 Whiting Place
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Hingham, MA 02043